Contact is an informative online project dedicated exclusively to dentistry. The site will help you easily find a medical center and a dentist, offering proven dental clinics with experienced professionals specializing in various areas of dentistry. Customers can check the cost of services and choose their favorite clinic based on honest reviews from previous patients. In addition, visitors to the site can leave their own reviews, helping others in the decision-making process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an intermediary and do dentists pay you a percentage of the patients?

No, we do not receive any percentage. We post the phone numbers of the dentists directly, so you call the dentist directly, and also note, those that have a website, we post those websites with direct links to the dentist's website page. We are an information resource only. The advantages of the portal is that if you make an appointment with a dentist from the portal - you get our support in case there are questions about service or price. We are always on the side of the patient.

Why do you have one price for filling on your website, but in fact it is more expensive?

The thing is that dentists indicate the price according to the price list, as for fillings, the price is set for one photopolymer filling, it does not take into account anesthesia, X-ray, tray with tools and additional unforeseen work that may appear in the process of work. Therefore, we recommend that you call the dentistry in advance and ask the receptionist how much it will cost approximately for this turnkey service without additional, unforeseen services, or you can determine by a brief price list on the page of the dentistry, how expensive or cheap you will cost treatment.

I left my review, but you didn't post it, why?

There are a lot of customized reviews (black PR) on the Internet. In order to avoid placing customized comments when sending a comment, please specify your e-mail address correctly so that we can send you a request and you can confirm the date of your visit for verification. It is therefore likely that the e-mail address was entered incorrectly.