Best Dentists in Mt Morris, MI

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TOP Dental Clinics and Dentists Near Me in Mt Morris, MI

Last Updated: June 2024

Travis Haddad
4.2 0 reviews

8326 N Saginaw Rd, Mt Morris, MI 48458

+1 810-687-5040

Dental Crowns, Cushion Grip Denture, Oral Surgery.

4.9 0 reviews

8326 N Saginaw Rd, Mt Morris, MI 48458

+1 810-687-5040

Laser Dentistry, Preventative Dentistry Care, Flouride Treatments.

Deluxe Dental Mount Morris
0 0 reviews
Teeth whitening service

6061 Saginaw St g, Mt Morris, MI 48458

+1 810-379-9545

Dermal Fillers, Teeth Whitening, Bridges.

Maya Shantikumar
4.9 0 reviews

8326 N Saginaw Rd, Mt Morris, MI 484581648

+1 810-687-5040

General Dentistry, Flexible Partial Dentures, Invisalign, Oral Cancer Exams.

1million Smiles
4.8 0 reviews

6047 Penwood Rd, Mt Morris, MI 48458

+1 810-363-9951

Holistic Dentist, Dental Implants, Periodontist.

Gotlib, Daniel R, DDS
5 0 reviews

6061 Saginaw St, Mt Morris, MI 48458

+1 810-787-6332

Cosmetic Dentistry, Wisdom Teeth Removal, General Dentistry.

Mt. Morris Family Dental
2.8 0 reviews

9115 N Saginaw Rd #9108, Mt Morris, MI 48458

+1 810-687-3010

Holistic Dentist, Preventative Dentistry Care, Prosthodontist, Same Day Dentures.

In order to have a satisfactory dental appointment, it is necessary to assess the competence of the staff, familiarize yourself with the clinic's technological advances and get the opinion of previous patients. The most important criterion is the qualifications of the treating dentist, and a reliable clinic should readily provide proof of his education. The dentist is obliged to highlight their main advantages, which the patient will scrutinize before making a decision.

Price list for popular dental services

Dental Cleaning$70-$200
Dental Veneers$800-$2,000 per tooth
Dental Crowns$800-$1,800 per crown
Glue For Dentures$5-$20
Aesthetic Dentistry$300-$30,000+
Dermal Fillers$500-$1,000 per syringe
Biomimetic Dentistry$200-$1,000+
Invisible Braces$3,500-$8,000
Ceramic Braces$4,000-$8,500

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Mt Morris, Michigan: Genesee County. Population 2,956, zip codes 48458, 48459, area codes 810, 679. Eastern Time Zone. Mayor Paul Haselhuhn.